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        Shandong vencen arts and crafts Co.,Ltd. is a manufacture of Chinese Gift ,Arts ,Crafts and decoration such as purple copper relievo ,cast copper relievo ,city sculpture ,relievo fresco in completely red copper ,pure silver, tin and copper ,etching ,copper calligraphy and painting ,copper lions and so on.
      Purple copper relievo is made from the ancient Oriental Chinese culture art. Which is worthy of viewing, admiration, and collecting forever.
      Purple copper relievo reproduces the artistic soul of both ancient and modern times, at home and abroad with great delicacy, and three-dimensions. Which is the same as Chinese gift and decoration field can be used for the indoor decoration of high-class buildings, hotels, halls, and houses. It is a symbol of corporate culture and personal artistic taste as well as being the best choice for gift giving.
     Our products choose the best pure copper/bronze/brass, as our raw materials.
     The hardwood frame, coated with imported rosewood paint, is processed by boiling and steaming, Which can avoid worm-eating &distortion.
     The motherboard of purple copper relievo is made of pure copper and melted together with embossment, Which can never come into parts, rust or change colour.
Instead of breakable, distortion, rustiness, crudely making and environmental pollution, our products are made by fine copper, Which is over 99.99% pure, and exquisite, fine, well three-dimensional, elegant, lifelike and vivid.
     We have produced by now 120 kinds in 3 categories of Pure copper/bronze/brass relief as well as sculptures and pictures. You can choose our relievo artworks already on hand and also we could produce according to your design or even paintings.
     With the high-quality products and excellent service, based on the principle of mutual benefit and joint development, Vencen arts and crafs company warmly welcomes all friends abroad to visit, negotiate and cooperate with us for mutual better development.

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